• National President

    Catherine Corbett


    Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • National Treasurer

    Rhian Cherry

    Hi everyone,

    I’m Rhian and I’m currently a second year vet student at the University of Liverpool – it’s my second degree after completing a Zoology undergrad at Bristol.

    My passion for farm animals originally started when I was 11 when I began breeding my own flock of rare breed poultry. Since then I’ve been lucky to shadow some really enthusiastic and accomplished farm vets.

    My first ever day working on a dairy farm involved assisting with an emergency caesarean, and since then I’ve desperately wanted to work in a mixed practice, focusing mainly on farm animals.

    Since beginning my course, I’ve been predominantly interested in dairy, sheep, goats and poultry. I also really enjoy the genetics and public health aspects of farm work.

    My other interests include playing squash and hockey, going out with friends and trying to keep up with my two crazy Airedale terriers, Dexter and Olive.

    As Treasurer, I look after the budget and sponsorship opportunities. If you’re interested in getting involved or have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch! I look forward to seeing you all at FAVS events throughout the year!

    Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • National Secretary

    Charli Lloyd

    My name is Charli Lloyd and I am an outgoing fourth year, farmers daughter studying at Liverpool Vet School. Growing up on a sheep farm in South Hereford (and all that that involves) is what I believe gave me the inspiration for becoming a vet and perusing a career alongside the animals that made up my childhood.

    I am very grateful for the agricultural grounding that I grew up with but I believe it is also important to expand your horizons and continue to learn as there are always multiple ways to do anything – especially in agriculture. I also believe that it is just as important to ensure that those who have not come from an agricultural background have the same opportunities as those of us that do. This led me to work in and do placement in Australia, New Zealand and Canada where I learnt about the huge variety of agricultural practices. Back at home I have my own Texel ewe lambs which are run alongside our North Country Mules. 

    I look forward to starting rotations and a year of being National Secretary. 

    Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • National Junior Representative

    Teleri Roberts

    Hi! I'm Teleri and I'm the National FAVS Junior Rep for 2019-20. When I graduate, I hope to go into a mixed practice that is majority large animal. A few of the things I love are, showjumping, county shows, my dogs and general country lifestyle really!  I am a member of my local YFC and have learnt a lot of what I know now from this! I grew up on a beef and sheep farm in Flintshire, North Wales and am passionate about all things farm. I am a second year at Liverpool and always thrive to achieve the best I can! I am willing to learn new concepts and ideas because I believe that to be a good farm vet you must be unique, likeable, and be able to listen to your clients ideas and adapt accordingly. 

    Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • National Graduate Ambassador

    Rose Charnley

    My name is Rose, I am the graduate ambassador for the National FAVS’s.

    Last year I chaired the National Farm Animal Veterinary Society as president and am delighted with the enthusiasm of the new committee and look forward to working with them for the future of FAVS!

    As Graduate ambassador I have had experience working with and on the National Committee along with being president of Liverpool University FAVS’s, as such I am here to advise and help with the progression of the National Farm Animal Veterinary Society for the future young farm vets entering the profession.

    I will be graduating in July and starting my job at Prostocks in south wales in September where I will be following my dream to become a Dairy Vet. As being part of FAVS it has given me many opportunities and one of those was my offer of a job with Prostocks Farm Vets, as such I would recommend anyone to get involved with FAVS’s as it gives you opportunities and skills which prepare you for your first day on the road as a farm vet.

    As Graduate Ambassador my aim is to help the Committee bring the best opportunities and advise for younger students with a keen farm animal medicine interest.

    Email: nationalfavs@gmail.com

  • BCVA Representative

    Amy Smyth

    Hi Everyone, 

    I'm Amy, and I'm going to be the national BCVA student rep for the upcoming academic year. I am currently in my fourth year studying veterinary medicine at the RVC.

    Whilst I'm not originally from a farming background, I have discovered a keen interest in and passion for farm medicine at uni, and especially during my EMS placements. I hope to move into mixed practice upon graduation, with a bias towards large animal work (and hopefully some poultry work too).

    If you have any queries regarding the British Cattle Veterinary Association - what you can gain by being a student member; what opportunities we can offer you; what we could offer to your regional FAVS - please feel free to contact me.

    Email: Studentrep@bcva.co.uk 

  • Bristol President

    Richard Johnston

    Hello, I’m Richard and I am BFAVs president for 2019/20. I come from a dairy farm in Northern Ireland and have a keen interest in the farm animal side of Veterinary. When I graduate I hope to work in mixed animal practice. If you have any questions feel free to get in touch.

    Email: bfavssociety@gmail.com

  • Cambridge President

    Sophie Compton

    Hi I’m Sophie and I’m the president of Cambridge’s FAVS society from 2019-2020!
    I graduate in 2021 and have a keen interest in Farm animal medicine, particularly cattle fertility but also small ruminant medicine.  Before university I spent a year managing a large commercial free range chicken farm (layers) and that kick started my interest in farm animal medicine, but now I have moved onto larger farm animals!
    Our team this year are committed to providing interesting and relevant talks and practicals to the members of CFAVS with a particular focus on 
    including the pre-clinical students and providing farm-related talks that are relevant and accessible to the preclinical course.
    Any questions or suggestions please let me know by sending an email over!

    Email: cfavsociety@gmail.com

  • Dublin President

    Karen Larke

    I’m Karen Larke and I am the FAVS president in UCD. I am cow mad and addicted to calves. I had very
    little experience with large animals growing up and none with dairy but now I can’t be kept away
    from the farm I work on, and especially when there’s study to be done. I started my own farm last
    year too so plenty of cattle around. As for college, I am definitely more biased towards the farm
    animal side of things and running FAVS in UCD is a great addition to that. We are just a small sub-
    society but steadily growing since it was founded in 2016. I have a great committee of people around
    me and the society is only going from strength to strength, with sights for big improvements over
    the coming year.

    Email: ucdfavs@gmail.com

  • Edinburgh President

    Catherine Corbett

    Hello everybody, I’m Catherine Corbett and I am delighted to have been elected as EFAVS’ president for the coming year. I have always enjoyed having an active role within the society having done an undergraduate degree in Agriculture. I am farm mad and hope I can share my enthusiasm for farm animal practice with pre-clinical and clinical students, both in Edinburgh and within the whole of FAVS. I aim to do this by engaging with members through topical and relevant talks and practicals, with some emphasis on the sustainability of agriculture, both nationally, through exploring topics such as carbon sequestration, and globally, within the context of livestock farming being a way of poverty. 

    Email: edinburghfarm@gmail.com


  • Glasgow FAVS President

    Rachel Davidson

    I’m Rachel, the co-president of GFAVS. I am going into final year in September and have been on the gfavs committee since I started vet school. I have a particular interest in sheep and have a small flock of my own which keep me busy in my spare time! I hope to go into mixed practice at home in Northern Ireland after I graduate. Feel free to contact me via email with any enquiries.

    Email: glasgowfavs1@gmail.com

  • Liverpool President

    Mollie Rudd

    Hey, I’m Mollie, I am a post graduate, fourth year student from North Yorkshire. My huge passion for pursuing a veterinary career with farm animals started from a very young age. I have been lucky to be involved with farming throughout my life and even have my own Pedigree flock of rare breed Oxford Downs. My main interests are dairy, pigs and sheep with herd health being a primary focus.

    I really enjoyed my position as Secretary last year and this year I am super excited and proud to take on the role as President. The committee and I have lots of new exciting talks, farm tours and events lined up, building on the successes of last years events!

    I aim to continue to inspire and motivate more students to become involved and attend our Liverpool FAVS events throughout the year, especially those who may not even think they are interested in farm animals because, after all they are the best animals to work with!

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    Email: liverpoolfavs@gmail.com


  • Nottingham President

    Ben Walker

    Hi I’m Ben and I’m Nottingham’s FAVS Coordinator for 2019-20!
    I’m from a farming family in the Yorkshire Dales and have always been farm keen. I’m particularly interested in flock health planning, young stock health and nutrition. 
    Nottingham are hosting the next FAVS Congress in Feb 2020 and I’m looking forward to putting together a great weekend for farm-keen vet students from across the country!
    If you have any questions or queries don’t hesitate to get in touch 

    Email: nottsfavs@gmail.com

  • Royal Veterinary College President

    Charlotte Havercroft

    I'm Charlotte Havercroft, Fourth Year Veterinary Medicine student at the Royal Veterinary College. Despite not being from a farming background, I started and really enjoyed milking and general stock work at a local farm before university and continued my love of farm animals from there. I've been on FAVS comittee last year as Deputy Herd Manager of our Pedigree Aberdeen Angus herd and have been involved with them the year before that as a volunteer, attending the Hertfordshire show both years. Last year I went above and beyond my station and organised talks, helped with the symposium, ran the charity fundraising bake sale and attended National FAVS congress for the first time and loved it! This year I really want to pick up momentum for FAVS at RVC, putting on more talks and practicals that are accessible for a range of course and years, whilst also holding the position of Herd Manager. With this I want to continue to develop the herd's achievements as this year at the Herts Show we won the Intercollege Agricultural Challenge, the Hague Bowl for most points for a competitor from the home county and reserve female champion with our female heifer. Aside from farm animal medicine I also have a keen interest in pathology having intercalated onto the BSc Comparative Pathology course here at RVC in 2018 and I have enjoyed rowing with the university over the years having completed the largest eights river race in the world, WEHORR, in 2017.

    Email: sufavs@rvc.ac.uk

  • Surrey President

    Alice Coppin-Harris

    Hi, I’m Alice and I am the new president for Surrey FAVS.
    I grew up in Devon and have always had an interest in the farming world, working on several
    farms before heading to Surrey in 2015 and being involved in my local YFC. Living in the
    Westcountry means I try to spend as much time outdoors as possible (even in the rain) and
    you’ll probably find me at the beach, kayaking, longboarding or hiking in my spare time!
    Following graduation, I hope to work in mixed practice with a bias towards farm animal
    medicine. I am mostly interested in dairy and small ruminant work with an increasing
    interest in poultry.
    As Surrey FAVS is still very new, this next year will be spent really developing and shaping
    the club. I hope to attract new members and create more positions within the society, as
    well as arranging a variety of interesting talks and practicals. We have our first couple of
    talks lined up already and I’m looking forward to an exciting year ahead!

    Email: surreyfavs@gmail.com