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Welcome to EFAVS the Edinburgh branch of National FAVS. We are a busy little society filling up our calendar with a mix of talks and practicals capturing a large range of farm veterinary topics and developing the skills of our members in all years of the veterinary degree. Here are a few features we have planned for our diary this year…

• So, you want to be a farm vet? – Hosted by the R(D)SVS Residents allowing first years to get an idea of what is involved in farm veterinary medicine.

• World Food Day, 16th October 2018. Panel of veterinary surgeons in place to discuss what roles veterinary surgeons have when it comes to battling the ever serious topic of global food security. In addition to the lunchtime panel discussion stalls will be dotted through the teaching building to demonstrate the importance of food how important food security is to

• Peelham Farm Walk – November 2018. Organic Farming at its best. We are lucky to have Peelham offer to let us visit them to see how an organic farm operates a farm to fork system rearing and producing their very own produce.

• Farm Research – What is it all about? – Jan 2019 TBC. To improve the accessibility of farm research to students Moredun, SRUC, Roslin and the R(D)SVS very own farm clinicians will feature in a drop in session with informal discussion to learn about the research that takes place in farm animal medicine and what developments will feature in the next few years.

• Buffalo Farm Walk – March 2019 TBC. The water buffalo of Puddledub farm that featured on This Farming Life on BBC are willing to welcome us for a farm walk to allow us to explore the development of

• An Insiders Guide To lambing – March 2019. I put my hand where?! For all first year students lambing is a rite of passage in vet school like it or not! Therefore our lovely EFAVS committee along with AVS hold an informal Q&A session to everyone out lambing for the first time to relieve the stress that there can be.

• EFAVS on Tour - A trip out to a local novel farming practice (location TBC) local to Edinburgh to explore and learn about the importance of diversification in many farming sectors and methods used to make them stand out.

• Talks to Have Dates Scheduled. o Ovine Pulmonary Adenocarcinoma Discussion – Moredun Institute

  •  Laparoscopic Surgery – An alternative to more traditional LDA surgery?
  • Calf Management Talk – Andrew Taylor, New Bishipton o Stabiliser Cattle – A futureproof breed?
  • Developments in sexed semen – Cogent UK
  • Jayne Hope – Bovine Tuberculosis
  • Robotic Milking Systems – The greatest recent invention on a Dairy?


We would like to thank the R(D)SVS Farm Animal Practice for their continued support of our society and the amount of time they commit to our society.


For further information and details for EFAVS please visit our Facebook page!



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