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The RVC team started the new academic year by raising a lot of new interest with the intake of freshers. The annual RVC Farm symposium is held every year for all students with a passion for Farm Animal Medicine.

An example of Talks we have hosted include - 

  • Lameness for the New Grad by Sophie Mahendran. Giving all who attended a good basis in the assessing and treating lameness in the individual cow
  • Why are Cows Sad - Pain and Welfare by a spokesperson from Metacam who discussed the philosophy behind pain and the benefits of treating it. Some interesting points were rasied particulalry around farmers and vets perceptions on pain.
  • Infectious Diseases in Cattle by Richard Booth. Including some current perspectives on BVD, Johnes, Lept and IBR and how best to combat them on farm

We also host a variety of practicals each year for students to bridge the gap between lectures and practical skills needed to be a Farm Vet.

The annual trip to the Hertfordshire show is always a great success with our homebred bull Monty winning male champion and reserve breed champion at previous shows. 

If you are interested please do not hesitate to contact us!

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