AI Technicians Course - Hosted by Embryonics

DIY AI can save you time and money by getting your cow inseminated at the right time without the cost

or stress of waiting for the technician.                      

Our DIY AI Courses are delivered over three days and are tailored to give you maximum hands-on tuition. This allows plenty of time for the dexterity required for a successful insemination to be mastered. The course is taught in small numbers on- farm giving a relaxed training atmosphere.

What the Course Covers

Getting the semen in the right place right time and in good condition!!

Where – Anatomy and Physiology, Reproductive Management Strategies

When – Oestrus Cycle, Fertilisation and Pregnancy

How  –   Insemination Technique,   Semen Care, Welfare and Legislation, Nitrogen Safety


Dates - 

27th-28th October 2018

24th-25th November 2018

1st-2nd December 2018


Price - 

Single Course Cost - £360.00 +VAT

Course Bundle (AI + Foot Trimming) - £650.00 + VAT