Foot Trimming Course - Hosted by Embryonics

Foot Trimming Course

Lameness issues have a huge impact on the dairy industry not only from a welfare perspective but also financially. Loss accumulates not only from the cost of corrective treatment but also in production losses. Our Herdsman Foot Trimming course is designed to equip you with the skills you need to reduce instances of lameness on your farm.

The course teaches attendees to trim using the renowned ‘5 Step Method’. The course is very hands on allowing plenty of time to hone in your skills. The course examines the main causes of lameness and the ways to prevent it. Our training tutors are all experts in their field and are made up of both vets and professional trimmers.

We recommend that after trimming approximately 500 feet it is advisable for you to come and com- plete a check day with our tutors, this will provide constructive feedback to help you develop your trim- ming skills.

Practical ‘Hands on’ course to Allow Maximum Opportunity to Progress and Develop the Perfect Trimming

Dates - 

13th-14th October 2018

10th -11th November 2018

Prices -

Single Booking - £313.50 + VAT

Course Bundle (AI + Foot Trimming) - £ 650.00 + VAT

This can be of use even prior to graduation as a job but also will look fantastic on CV's !