Research Project opportunity for Vet Students!

Research project opportunity for vet students from second to final year! The project involves Hill sheep farmers in Cumbria and the Yorkshire Dales and is investigating problems on the farms; with a focus on fluke control and flukicide resistance. There is some funding available for the project and students may be involved with data analysis, blood sampling, faecal sampling and attending farmers meetings. Students closer to final year will be given priority for gaining practical skills through the project. You do not have to be from a farming background as the project aims to get students more experience with farm work and to get students practically involved out on farms and at farmers meetings. There are office based projects as well as practical projects visiting farms available.

The project is led by the Yorkshire Agricultural Society which has teamed with the Yorkshire Farmer Network.

Veterinary students from any university can apply by sending an email to National FAVS at NationalFAVS@gmail.com stating your year-group, university and university email and a bit about why you would be interested to be involved. Deadline is 31st of August 2019!

Website: https://www.hillsheephealthnorth.co.uk/