National FAVS Survey Report - Why are UK vet students choosing not to become farm vets after graduation?


A new survey carried out by student-led body National FAVS has explored current UK Veterinary Medicine students’ viewpoints on becoming a farm veterinarian after graduation, and the role that EMS and perceptions of diversity and representation play in their decision-making process.

Working outdoors, building lasting relationships with clients, calving, lambing and influencing decisions on public and veterinary health are all reasons why a career as a farm vet can be so rewarding. These are all things we learn about at vet school, and often get to experience first-hand as students, so why at a time of growing concern about declining farm vet numbers in the UK, aren't more new graduates choosing to become farm vets?

From the 180 UK vet students questioned, 57% felt the farm vet profession lacked diversity and 41% felt under-represented in the profession. Whilst 74% of students stated that positive experiences whilst out on EMS made them morel likely to consider the profession in the future. 

Read the full report below, or email nationalfavs@gmail.com if you wish to share this publication. 



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