Non-Reproductive Scanning Course

Non-Reproductive Scanning of Ovine and Bovine Species Course

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Ultrasound examination is the most under-used diagnostic technique in farm animal practice yet it often yields significant information that cannot

be gleaned from a detailed clinical examination.

Ultrasound examination of any organ system in cattle and sheep takes less than five minutes and is an invaluable diagnostic technique.


Bovine Learning Objectives:

1. Chest

  •   Identification of common lung and pleural pathologies.

  •   Diagnosis of endocarditis & confirmation of septic pericarditis,

    cardiac tumors etc.

  •   Ultrasound findings to select antibiotic therapy.

  •   Applications after respiratory disease outbreak in calves, and in

    adult cattle after calving.


2. Abdomen

  • Diagnose peritonitis, liver abscesses, pyelonephritis & intestinal torsion etc.



Ovine Learning Objectives:

1. Chest

  •  Identification of common lung and pleural pathologies.
  • OPA diagnosis.
  • Using ultrasound findings to select antibiotic therapy.
  • Monitoring response of respiratory disease to antibiotic therapy over time.

2. Abdomen

  • Early diagnosis of urolithiasis and secondary hydronephrosis.
  • Detection of liver pathology caused by liver fluke.
  • Identification and differentiation between peritoneal exudate and transudate.

3. Male Reproductive Tract

  • Identification of epididymitis rather than orchitis/sperm granuloma. 
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