Society Constitution

Revised: 1st September 2018

1. The name of the society shall be: Farm Association of Veterinary Students.
2. FAVS shall be a non-profit organisation.
3. The society's aims shall be to promote farm animal medicine within the veterinary student body, which will include an annual congress.
4. FAVS shall host an Association’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) at the annual Congress, to be held in the first academic term of the calendar year.
5. All veterinary schools within the British Isles will be invited to be members of FAVS.

The Committee

6. The FAVS committee will consist of the following positions:

a. President
b. Secretary
c. Treasurer
d. One principle representative from each Vet School, which may be in addition to the positions above.

e. New graduate (Ambassador) - to provide a real life block of their experiences and reflections.

7. A term runs from the AGM at which the new committee is appointed, for approximately one year until the subsequent AGM. Each committee position will run for one term proceeding election, except for the Advisor position which will be for a minimum of two terms.
8. Each member society will be eligible to have a member on the FAVS committee. The representative can be either the President of the respective farm veterinary societies or an alternatively nominated member.
9. FAVS will meet via VideoChat at least quarterly with additional meetings to be scheduled as required - this will be subsequent to regular messenger chat to discuss issues and developments


Roles of the committee positions

10. New graduate - Ambassador

a. Act as a mentor for both the President and Congress Committee, providing advice and guidance where necessary.
b. Act as a link between the profession and the student body.

c. Provide a reflective blog on their experiences and aims in the first year of practice as a new graduate.

11. President

a. Liaise with the member societies, the Association of Veterinary Students (AVS), the wider veterinary profession and industry.
b. Ensure FAVS meetings are chaired and chair the AGM.

c. Keep the FAVS Website up to date - add members, promote CPD and EMS opportunities, promote the FAVS within the industry, Liase with BCVA, keen the EMS and Job advertisements up to date.

12. Treasurer

a. Maintain the finances of the society and present the accounts to the entire committee at the AGM and interim meetings.

b. Second the President and help with all maters regarding the website.

13. Secretary

a. Co-ordinate and organise the AGM and interim meetings, take minutes at meetings and liaise with the member veterinary schools.
b. Maintain a list of current and past committee members.

c. Minute both National meetings and meetings liasing with other universities.

14. General members

a. Assist the named positions.
b. Promote farm animal medicine within their respective veterinary schools and communicate between the student bodies and the FAVS committee, providing updates to the FAVS committee about activities with their respective schools.
c. Act as a point of contact for students within member societies, and represent their views at FAVS meetings.
d. Be responsible for promoting FAVS Congress and encouraging attendance.

Nominations and voting

15. Advisor

a. The Advisor will ideally be a graduate. Past FAVS committee members who have had good attendance at meetings will be eligible to stand for the position of Advisor.
b. If there are insufficient nominations for the role of Advisor, the current Advisor may at their discretion open nominations to the profession, including recent graduates.

16. All positions other than the Advisor are expected to be veterinary students.

17. Individuals eligible to stand for committee positions will be invited to stand for nomination from four weeks prior to the Congress with the closure of nominations two weeks prior to Congress. The Secretary will invite nominations from undergraduate members and the Advisor will coordinate graduate members.

18. All member societies will have one vote on committee positions and all member societies must vote. A majority will be required for election.


19. FAVS Congress will be held annually in the first academic term of the calendar year.
20. All member Veterinary Schools will be eligible to host FAVS Congress but may not for two consecutive years.
21. Some preference will be given to applications from schools who have not hosted Congress recently, with the intention of Congress rotating through each Vet School approximately every seven years.
22. Member schools will be invited to tender for the Congress four weeks prior to the FAVS AGM. Nominations will close two weeks prior to the AGM. The Secretary will invite nominations.
23. The FAVS committee will vote on the location of the next Congress at the AGM.
24. A majority vote will be required to determine the next location. If a majority is not reached the Advisor will have the casting vote.


25. FAVS is a non-profit organisation.
26. FAVS reserves the right to request a membership fee from their member societies after a majority decision from the committee, to be re-assessed yearly at the AGM.
27. The funds will be used for publicity, stationary and stash where appropriate and as voted for by the committee.
28. The Society’s finances will be presented to the society by the Treasurer at interim meetings and at the AGM. Details of finances will be published in the meetings of each AGM.
29. The transcript will be released to the members two weeks prior to the AGM.
30. Should FAVS disband, any assets of the society will be equally divided between member farm animal societies. If a Veterinary School does not have a farm animal veterinary society, the money shall be bequeathed to their respective veterinary student association.


31. The committee shall not refuse applications on grounds of race, sex, sexuality, age, religion or political views.
32. Upon a majority vote, the committee may expel any member whose conduct is likely to bring the society into disrepute.
33. The committee may, at its discretion, co-opt additional committee members to itself where it perceives the need, or to fill vacancies which may arise.
34.Proposed changes to the Constitution must be made four weeks prior to the AGM and close two weeks prior to the AGM. The Secretary will distribute proposed changes to the FAVS Committee. The FAVS Committee will vote on the changes during the AGM. All members of the previously named committee must vote.
35. A majority vote must be reached. Those committee members unable to attend the AGM may vote remotely by email/letter. The deadline for remote voting will be 24 hours prior to the AGM.
36. Should FAVS wish to disband, a unanimous vote from all committee members will be required.